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Main Page Blog (5702 votes) Good Doctor Goot Dakteo 굿 닥터 Ki Min-Soo, Kim Jin-Woo Park Jae-Bum KBS2 20 August 5 - October 8, 2013 Mon & Tue 21:55 Korean South Korea Joo Won) has savant syndrome and a developmental disability. His mental age is that of a 10-year-old, but he becomes a paediatric surgeon. Meanwhile, Kim Do-Han (Joo Sang-Wook), who is the best paediatric surgeon, finds himself frequently in confrontation with Park Shi-On. When Park Shi-On was a child, he was quite different from other children due to having savant syndrome. Other children did not want to hang around him. Shi-On was always alone, but he did have his older brother and a rabbit. His older brother always took care of Shi-On. Meanwhile, Shi-On's father was violent and abusive. He even killed Shi-On's pet rabbit. Cheon Ho-Jin), as part of the rescue team sent inside the mine, finds the brothers and tries to get them out. Only Shi-On is able to make it out alive. Since that time, Shi-On regularly visits Doctor Choi woo-Seok at the government run clinic where he works. Shi-On spends his time there reading medical books. Doctor Choi Woo-Seok quickly realizes that Shi-On has a special ability. Joo Sang-Wook) and his team perform the surgery. After Shi-On learns that the surgery is a success, he goes to the meeting room, but only Doctor Choi Woo-Seok is there. Moon Chae-Won), a resident in pediatric surgery. She is completely drunk and entered the wrong apartment. Shi-On stands right next to the bed, watching Yoon-Seo sleep. Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus" and replaced by "Marry Him If You Dare" in October, 2013. Joo Won released OST single "Love Medicine" ((literal title "Antiseptic"/"Sodokyak") for the drama series on October 1, 2013. Joo Won Moon Chae-Won Joo Sang-Wook Kim Min-Seo Cheon Ho-Jin Kwak Do-Won Kim Young-Kwang Yoon Park Yoon Bong-Kil Wang Ji-Won Ko Chang-Seok Jin Kyung Na Young-Hee Jo Hee-Bong Lee Ki-Yeol Jeong Man-Sik Lee A-Rin Ha Kyu-Won Kim Hyun-Soo Uhm Hyun Kyung An Sung-Hoon Yoo Je-Gun Lee Jang-Kyung Oh Eun-Chan Jung Ho-Keun Yun Yoo-Sun Seo Hyun-Chul Choi Ro-Woon Jeon Joon-Hyeok Kim Chang-Wan - President Jung Seo Yoon-A - Eun-Jung Baek Chang-Min - Dong-Goo's son Jang Eun-Poong - Doctor Jang Jung Yi-Do - Min-Hee's father Kim Yoon-Joo - gynecologist Yoo Hae-Jung - child patient Eun-Ok (ep.4-11) Kim Sun-Hwa - Eun-Ok's aunt (ep.7) Jung Yoon-Suk - Kyoo-Hyun (ep.8-11) Ban Min-Jung - Kyoo-Hyun's mother (ep.8-11) Ryu Deok-Hwan - man cheering Shi-On (ep.10) Kwak Ji-Min - Lee Soo-Jin (ep.10-12) In Gyo-Jin - Lee Soo-Jin's husband (ep.12) Seo Kang-Joon - disorderly student (ep.12) Yoo Jae-Myung - killer (ep.15) Kong Jung-Hwan - neurosurgeon (ep.17) Kim Young-Hee - family restaurant staff (ep.17) Park Ki-Woong - Woong-Ki (ep.20) TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson 2014 (50th) BaekSang Arts Awards - May 27, 2014 2013 KBS Drama Awards - December 31, 2013 (Joo Won) (Joo Sang-Wook) (Moon Chae-Won) (Joo Won) (Joo Won) (Moon Chae-Won) (Joo Won & Moon Chae-Won) Is there any chance that they will make another series? Is there any chance that they will make another series? My favorite Tv show! I loved this show. I love Moon Chae-Won! She is great ! I am waiting for the second season. very good acting and doubts .. even in some episode i want to stop but still there's something on it.. it is good that i still push, to watch this... it is all about realization in life general not also on that but also who some disability and syndrome.... i became an open-minded that not all who has syndrome a bad.. some of that are just a normal person not have a syndrome. No wonder this drama is so popular everthing is perfect z acting of all z actors is so amazing especially joo won how could he act like that he is so amazing and moon chae won one of z most beautiful and talented korean actress in one word this drama is amazing The music is shit, the scenes as all goes to a super-happy-ending came very much like "kitsch", but it's very good acting I didn’t see that coming, but interesting about American remake starring with Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez and Antonia Thomas. k-pop and grime watching this for the first time in 2017; got to say the plot was well thought about and near perfection. Love this series, and got excited because hollywood remade it!! Both Joo won and Freddie are great actors! I love this drama. It's the best! I love Joo Won and Moon Chae-Won! Zsuzsanna Dobie Good Doctor, Best korean drama for me also I love JOO WON here! <3 overrated.... Instead of remaking, impressed Americans should have told audiences to watch Joo Won in the Korean version. He and the series are brilliant. I watched the first ep of this one and was done. The new version cannot match it (and I’m American). I'm finally watching this after so many years of putting it off to the side. I'm not too far into the drama yet but the first episode when they did the flashbacks had me crying. The younger him reminded me so much of my little brother that I couldn't help but to cry. Great drama so far and a very realistic portrayal of autism. Congrats! USA has actually taken the plot for their version of The Good Doctor. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Jon woo is the best actor in south Korea Watching this drama because of Yoon Park from Introverted Boss. And it was interesting! Love it so much Joo Won is an acting genius The drama is one of the best Korean drama I have ever watched. Best drama ever!!! Very realistic and humane! I am so happy that I was able to watched the series. It brought me lessons in life. I am literally applying it to myself. hope you have more. Korean dramas are the best ? Actors and actresses were very great! ? i love joo won ? good doctor is the best korean dramas I've ever seen. I learned many things through this drama. because of this drama, I know the names of diseases and how to cure it. GOOD JOB!! sheldor Good doctor is one of the best dramas i have ever seen its every episode was perfect it always remain as one of my top favourite dramas. Watching this drama made me so happy i just wanted to say Thanx to KBS to let me watch lovely and amazing! K-dramas like Good Doctor.....always ♡♡♡ u JooWon! I am happy to regadrer the serie of good doctor I have seen all the serials of JOO WON and every time I am impressed by the talent of JOO WON, it is really the best actor   Thank you for the joy you bring to your spectators I really love this drama, the acting was so good from all the actors and actresses, especially Joo Won. I was always smiling while i watched this drama, and in some moment i cried because it's a touching and comedy drama. The ending is perfect, there is nothing is missing.. Love it. Joo Won was really awesome.. Falling in love with the 1st episode. It was very very very adorable!!~~ this is my most favorite AND THE BEST medical kdrama!!! best drama.. best story.. best ending.. love it. This series started out really well. I really thought i'd be finishing it after a pretty intense first episode. The concept is good, a sperg is trying to become a doctor and his handicap is getting in the way. The problem is there's nothing else. You don't make 20 hours out of that. It quickly falls into a boring routine and repetition, in spite of the medical emergencies being exciting. During the years I became fan a numerous Korean actors and actress, but Joo Won captured my heart in a very special way. Congratulations to the whole crew who worked on this wonderful drama, and esp to this amazing person JOO WON! wahh!! this drama made cry for how many times. Highly recommended, especially for those people who are more interested in medical-related drama. I really learned a lot!! Daebak! I didn't expect joo won to be that great!! Fighting oppa! the movie was waooh! is something that taught much on the side of park sion, because most at times u see people in that condition feeling as if that's the end if the world for him/ her. I hope Joo Won and Moon Chae Won gets reunited someday with much hotter kissing scenes hahahahaha ^_^ Great program. Actually I've bought the DVDs in case removed from Netflx. But ended way too soon. Think much more to tell in this story. Hope for more but out of production. So,well written and acted. I watched this after i watched Yong Pal. Seeing the almighty, handsome, intimidating,charismatic surgeon Kim Tae Hyun changes to Autistic, cute, adorable doctor Park Si On, the only thing i think is, WOW. Joo Won is the best actor in his generation. He deserves a reward. This drama is fine though. This is really slow-paced, 16 episodes would be better imo :) This drama is awesome. I have learnt a lot of things from here.All the cast members did a great job and thanks to the writer for giving us such a beautiful drama. Also, Joo won is really cute. :p Motivation drama! good drama! Joo Won is undeniably a better, if not the best, actor compared to others of his age/generations. I can think of no one can better play the role of Park Shi On than him. He deserves all the recognition and awards. I hope that others be able the see how good an actor he is, because he can really act (oh..he dances and sings well too!) Joo won oppa is really good actor. he doing very well as a man who has savant syndrome and a developmental disability. his acting is really amazing. he always work hard. I know it isn't easy for him. I falling in love with Park Shion. he's really cute!! >.< This is so touching drama, I can feel this because I have kid with autism . Made me cry... It's so good and Joo Won delivered solid performance , as always .! I only started watching Good Doctor because Choi Ro-Woon was casted as mini Shi On but it was better than expected. I literally cried in EVERY SINGLE episode! Just started watching this, my 5th Korean drama since the spring of 2015. I watched Medical Center (with Chad Everett) with my Mother, as she prepared to return to work as an ICU/CMU nurse. awesome drama that leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you finish the series. the actors and actresses were great, and joowon was phenomenal. he was really cute! Ju Ni Ah And the Oscar goes to Joo Won; excellent never expected such a good performance! I read a lot of good comments, im in ep 3 and i got bored.. I will try my best to finish, wish i will love it eventually.. It's the best drama series i've seen in a very long time. I rated the actor Joo Won a five star best actor. It's a pity the audio is not in English. Amazing dramaa, daebakk!! must watch! Park Shi On (Joo Won) acting was fabulous *.* melody I Love This Drama. Yeo Jin Goo And Kim Yoo Jung Realy Love. Wonderful series with a stunning performance by the brilliant Joo Won. I'm in the middle of the 4th episode and it's so good! It is a bit slow but still entertaining (that is for me). Some of surgery scenes can be intense (1st episode mostly). Joo Won plays the character so well I don't want to and can't stop watching it. I love this drama so muccch... The storyline is simple yet very unique(not common). That made this drama a daebak!!!!.... So heartwarming, cool, touching and inspiring. I recommend it to everyone ... Every episode thrills me ... The main cast and supporting cast did a pretty good job ... I was so in love! Its good drama nice to watch by whole family ... So relaxing and its really a cure for a troubled heart .... Thank you everyone ! Thanks drama cool ! You guys are so cool!!!!! I really really like this drama. The story itself,the actors and actresses...they are excellent. I've learned a lot about 'LIFE" in this drama. It changed the way I think of what really our lives are all about. I hope this drama will be aired also here in the Philippines. I want to meet also Joo Won and Moon Chae-Won.They are both the BEST!!! I love you guys.More power!=) omgggggg just finished watching the drama.. having good doctor withdrawal syndrome now T_T want more of moon chae-won =( =( Joo Sang Wook good actor To sum it up, I Loved It! Great drama, sexy ass lead man... beautiful main girl... PERFECT. bagusssss skali filmx.. coba siarkn di indosiar dong As a male viewer i gotta admit joowon acting is super awesome , he is very good and for me ojakgyo brothers is also brilliant . As for MCW , she is very pretty and another good drama for her after the innocent man . kudos for joo sang wook and kim hyun soo too . overall , good doctor is a very very very good drama . A must watch one . Seriously, everything about this drama is perfect. Just one small thing I really don't like in this drama: it portrays mothers of children as overdramatic people who may have attitude. Every freaking one. Please, not every mother is like that. I cried at every freaking episode. I honestly watched it because of Joo Won. Then I got lost in the story and end up thinking more about children, ethics and family relationship. What a good story. I was thinking that Korean drama quality is going downhill. But this one stands out. Amazing. good acting, joo won,,, :)) Joo Woooooon..!! I love medical drama shows, and found this one, at first it was difficult to watch with korean language, and english subtitles, but after a while it didnt matter, i got so into the show, i watched non stop as i couldnt help it. AWESOME SHOW. but, is that it ??? just the one season? seriously? The board gave Park Shi On his medical degree, and he is "accepted" as a GOOD DOCTOR... there is so much more that can be done with this show. BRING IT BACK and give us SEASON 2 !!!!!!! i loved it so much i have watched the whole season 1, 3times now, and cant get enough, Dr Park grew so much throughout the season, and i really think we should be given the opportunity to see him continue to grow and teach others!!!! BRING GOOD DOCTOR BACK FOR SEASON 2.... AND 3... AND .....This is easily as good as Grey's Anatomy which i have watched since season 1 also and here we are on season 11 of that one... LETS HEAR IT FOR ... GOOD DOCTOR.... WE WANT MORE !!!!! this was a wonderful drama! It was so heartwarming! Joowon acted so well as the autistic savant. OMG THIS DRAMA IS LITERALLY THE BEST!! Loved it from the beginning till the end!! GAHHHHH a must watch for everybody!! I've only finished three episodes so far and am generally loving this drama but parts infuriate me! I know there's bureaucratic bullshit in businesses but in the hospital!? Sure it's a drama but come on - you're really going to hold ethics meetings and bullshit BEFORE trying to save the patients.... zoe Congrats Good Doctor for winning the best drama of 2013 @50th Baeksang Art Awards.. I just finished the first episode and it was amazing! The whole time I just felt like crying, every second was either inspiring or heart-wrenching. (Joo Won's character) I have never wanted to cuddle someone so bad in my entire life. My mother instincts kicked in (i'm 15) and all I wanted to do was give him a hug. I have never had a drama make me soo interested so fast. Normally it takes a view episodes but from the start it was amazing. I can't wait to watch the rest! It's great drama with many praises and award. Beside KBS drama award 2013, Good doctor also received best writer in Korea drama award,best picture and best performance in korea PD award. Congratulation I have a younger brother with mental disability. He has Down syndrome, he is ten now and does not know how to speak. I used to find him annoying, as he pees on my bed and do all kinds of stupid things which ends up with me getting scolded. However, after watching this drama, I figured that every single person, normal or not, has their own strength in doing something. I guess my brother's talent would be eating. But anyway, point is, this drama had made me appreciate my brother, seeing how Shi On's brother does his best to protect him, I myself feel guilty. This is a very inspiring drama, highly recommended! :) This is the best medical drama ever. Very inspiring! Recommend to watch! dadz .. . .. . .frankly speaking, i did not like this drama. yes, at first it's quite interesting and thrilling but as the story goes deeper and deeper , i got bored watching it just the same with medical top team . . . . . . .. . . ..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. . .. . . the master's sun is 2013's best drama followed by two weeks or either i hear your voice .. .. . . Best drama of 2013~! Congratulation to joowon, chaewon, & jsw for winning award in kbs drama award!!! Good doctor is daebak, hope they will create amazing drama like this ^^ Good drama...must watch.... this drama showed politics, greed, envy within korean hospitals. I'm suprized they let it air and i am expecting more people afraid of going to hospitals.. doctors acted as heretics, bullies, alcoholics showed too much bending of reality only to raise audience ratings. even the use of a mentally impaired protagonist did not sit well with me. the way they treated him with so much prejudice made me mad and questioned how the writers came up the idea that degrades human morals and virtues.. its only a show i know that yet im wary of the effects it will instill on its viewers. waah love this drama :) soo much it is actually my first time watching it and i love it. the first reason why i watched it is because i miss joowon since he left 1n2d. but now i have more reasons to watch it <3 dadz . . . . . . . . . . .its good at first, but the story gets boring as i continue on watching it . aside from its a medical drama nothing more is interesting . . . Love this drama:) It is a great drama... Love Moon Chae Won a lot.. she is my favourite actress... Jo Won acting was also great... Like the love story between the main characters.... All characters in this drama is doing a great job so it is creating a fantastic drama... Well done... Daebak.. n congrats to all... Fighting~~ highly recommended drama....must watch it guys...the rating just shows how good this drama is and I agree even up to the final episode super love it...thanks for the production team...all the best...looking forward for the next drama...fighting... good doctor is a good drama! Joo Won crush DAEBAK!!!! Must watch it guyss ! :) This drama will forever have a special place in my heart!!! great storyline with superb acting !!! it's one of those dramas that I couldn't find any flaw in it!!! Love most of the characters.. especially Dr Park Shi-On.. dr cha.. the prof.. the president.. the head male nurse.. thank u for a great drama.. At first, I watched this because of Moon Chae Won. She is an amazing actress and I have been following her work since brilliant legacy. But I watched this and totally in love wit the plot (it gives warm feeling, tho sometimes some scenes are exaggerated, but oh, well, it's drama) and the casts are great, especially Joo won!! (his acting is superb! to me, he is the best young actor). After good doctor, I watched bridal mask tho I'm not a person who likes war theme drama. But totally in love with that drama too and as usual, his acting is SUPERB. So, for those who are in love with Joo Won, I recommend to watch bridal mask~ (and I'm planning to watch all his dramas on holiday<3) just finished watching the ending of good doctor, and i can say , it has a good ending, im satisfied with the way it ends, beautiful story last ep today sad.. ='[ hope to see u soon in another great drama moon chae won FIGHTING! = ] Noo good doctor finishing today im gonna miss the adorable Joo Won im going to miss Good Doctor ... wonderful story, with heart and it gives inspiration ... Great Story!!! This only proves how versatile Joo Won is as an actor. I didn't expect this show to be this SUPERB. It even gave me the thought of becoming a doctor. The scenes especially the ones that were filmed in the operating room, it all gave me the picture/idea of how doctors run for their lives to save their patients knowing that there are people who blame the doctors if once a patient did not survive. Thanks to them! Lol, though I was actually hoping to see O.S doing the operation with much more confidence and relaxed mind this time. But other than that, a job well done to the whole cast and crew. CONGRAAAAATULATIONS! 1000% for Joo Won as Dr. Park !!! this drama very good,great, i really love this drama...........i like Joo won act. Joo Won Fighting!!! Ko Choong-Man's character is cooool!!!! :D At first I dont like him (Jo Hee-Bong nim portrays the character so well like everyone else which gave an effect to the viewers-to portray as hateable) but later on it shows that he has a good side deep within him and he is just simply straightforward or frank either in a good/bad way but that does not really state that he's so mean already. He is actually fun. Just sharing my thoughts :) Im still at episode 13 by the way. Epic drama I so love it!!! :)))))) I think joowon deserve daesang for kbs award 2013. Despite his brilliant performance for his difficult role as autistic savant which getting praise from expert, netizen, and media, Good Doctor win competition which same timeslot with (1) Goddess of Fire which moon geun young as lead actress has won daesang few years ago for her role in painter of wind, (2) Golden of Empire which son hyunjoo as lead actor has won daesang for his role in the chaser and they have team up again with same writer and director, and (3) suspicious houskeeper which remake from popular jdrama mita houskeeper which has won many awards and choi jiwoo as lead actress which popular from her role winter sonata. miro ✿✿✿✿✿ This kdrama gives us the opportunity to understand and "live" temporarily inside the heart and mind of a person with Savant Syndrome. Very heartwarming and with a strong advocacy plot. Excellent eye opener for all and at the same time hopefully this will open more opportunity to those with disabilities. Acting wise, this is my first Joo Won kdrama, and his acting is convincingly brilliant. This man’s talent is far beyond my imagination, unafraid to defy his comfort zone. He could vie for the Top Excellence Actor for this drama and win hands down. Overall, at this point in time, 5 stars is heartily given. And by the way..I'm a MOON or WONWON couple shipper! Fighting!!! ✿✿✿✿✿ miro Joo Won as a doctor with savant syndrome..this guy never fails to amuse me... If you've got the chance to watch his works, definitely hands down you'd say that he's the cream of the crop amongst his contemporaries. He deserves to win tons of awards in every kdrama he's in. Brilliant acting prowess, excellent choice of scripts and unafraid to challenge his comfort zone when it comes to acting. From his debut, he clearly showed that he's not one to mess with when it comes to acting. Entrusted with the project that costs 10 billion won and a script where other hallyu actors refuses to partake means that he's one outstanding actor whom the directors and producers trust so much (given that he's still considered as newbie by that time). Hopefully people/the committee of the award giving bodies, this time, would not overlooked his works, since I believe that he deserves to receive tons of awards from his debut. I'm looking forward for him winning THIS TIME for the TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD for GOOD DOCTOR, if not..I'd be damned!!! Joo Won Fighting!!! This drama is great. Interesting storyline. Not boring, must watch. So inspirative, positive effect to watch. This drama is really amazing. It has a superb and outstanding storyline and I really love it :) No match and very brilliant. This is my first drama about medical stuffs though and I am very impressed. Very good casting and feels authentic. I am a big fan of MCW since innocent man and JW since baker king. Im very happy that you landed in this such another fantastic and very interesting and entertaining and knowledgeable drama. This drama greatly deserve Awards, it is very worth it, together with the stars, most specially Joo Woon ssi. One of my best dramas that Ive ever watch. This is a Must Watch drama. :) <3 I'm always a BIG FANS of Moon Chae Woon.... Thanks for your act again, keep be perfect, again & again...okey Joo Won MUST win the TOP EXCELLENCE award this time. Outstanding/ Brilliant acting skills. Choice of kdrama scripts are superb, unafraid to defy his comfort zone. I can't wait for his next project, although he is busy now for his stage performance (GHOST), but hopefully he finds time to have another kdrama the soonest possible time. JOO WON FIGHTING!!! It is still being shown on KBSworld. But i have finished reading the recaps on dramabeans :) cause i cant wait ffor the next episodes. I also wish that joo won gets an award for his role not just from kbs but from the major award giving bodies in south korea. He deserves it Woong-ki lol. Good Doctor jjang!!! Very heartwarming drama <3 @Dawn; thanks for the info, i already heard the song and it is correct, that's the one im looking thank you :-) This series is AMAZING .. The main cast chae woon and especially joowoon act so brilliantly flawless! The story is not your typical poor girls falls in love with a snob rich guy. It a very unique story that has open my eyes for people with savant syndrome as well as others who have mental difficulties. Very good story a much watch drama! Ha,most actors in this drama were at Bridal Mask,add up Ki Woong's cameo at final episode... Just watched the last episode! Im going to miss this drama! It was an amazing drama! I usually do not watch medical drama but this one was awesome! Park Ki-Woong cameo as well! @irellor The song has come out finally!!!! Check out Bubble Feet OST Music Channel C on YouTube. The track is "Dacapo" by "Various Artistes". Just a hunch, maybe Moon Chae Won and Wang Ji Won would have sang them? me too, im looking for the song being played everytime dr. cha has her moments its a song sung by a girl and its like being played by a guitar Joo woon is a singer also? i really love park shi on and dr sad that it only have 20 episodes... @ Joy: The OST for the drama are as follows: 1. Miracle : Lee Young Hyun 2. 2Bic: I am in Love 3. Baek Ji Young: Crying 4. Ha Dong Gyoon: Looks Good 5. Kim Jong Kook: How Come You Don't Know 6. Joo Won: Love Medicine Does anyone know the names of all of the songs/OST of Good Doctor? I've looked everywhere and I couldn't seem to find it. If not the OST then the name of the song always played at the end? I've always been interested in medical dramas. This is such a nice drama, heart warming yet inspiring.. It also shows us how society treat autistic people.. The casts are awesome!! The acting is so natural ^.^ I love Moon Chae Won, she's so lovely and pretty ;) I hope this drama can win loads of awards!! Fighting!!! And it seems like joowon always chosen script very well because the writer of his dramas received award from Baker King Kim takgu (Kang Eunkyung), Ojakgyo Brothers, and Good Doctor and they are heart warming dramas. Very recommended to watch this dramas. ^_^ The dream scene in ep 18 is epic, very beautiful. I'm crying when I watch that scene, I'm admired with Moon chaewon and Joowon for great acting and chemistry. congratulation writer Park for write this beautiful story and congrats for win best writer at Korea Drama Award 2013!!! I feel like crying right now coz' the drama is going to end soon...Moon Chae Won very great actress and very natural..and Joo Won too..I hope they will get many awards.. Love this so much don't want it to end!!! I just love this drama so words can describe how much I love it....the storyline is great..the need to say anything..they're just best of the best...this is the first drama that I actually download it online..and on tv..and watched every repeats on is just the best drama sad that it's coming to an end...i don't know what to do with my life anymore after good doctor finished...I REALLY HOPE THEY'LL WIN ALL THE GRAND PRIZES AWARDS AT KBS 2013 DRAMA AWARD end of this yr..good doctor fighting!!!! Moon junwon fighting!!!!! Love u alwaysssss ♥♥♥♥ First of all this I cant describe how much this drama is amazing ♥♥ im in love with it although im just on ep 7 .. but its rly incredible ♥ every body act in a very good way .. actually they make me cry alot :( I never follow any K dramas until d last few episodes. But I saw this show Episode 6 accidentally n fell in love with it. The actor as Dr Park is 1 hell of an actor. He didn't over play d autistism part. He was jus so convincing. The acting was just perfect. He made me feel sad n I cried at a few parts. Deserves an award for the acting !! N that poker face, poker voice Kang, he's good too. U can't read his mind. Great show, I admit I can't wait for new episodes. Btw will Dr Park n Dr Cha n together, pleeeease???? I never follow any K dramas until d last few episodes. But I saw this show Episode 6 accidentally n fell in love with it. Dr Park is such an amazing character n the actor who played him is 1 hell of an actor. He didn't over play d autistism. The acting was just perfect. This guy is really a good actor! N yes, I agreed with 1 comment- he's like Tom Hank in Forrest Gump. Deserves an award!! N that poker face, poker voice Kang, he's good too. U can't really read his mind. Oh the dance was too cute! I still smile whenever I think about it! MCW has really grown on me, too. silver joo won is really great actor... i would like to see him act in more dramas... joo woo oppa fighting... silver what a nice couple... two WON... moon chae won and joo won...hehehe by the way i really like joo won from the the very moment i saw him in ojagkyo brothers... if you haven't watch it... watch it for joo won.... you will fall for him... Joo Won is so convincing I actually searched for his other shows n pics to check if he really has autism in real life lol. I'm rooting for Joo Won and Chae won, they have such great chemistry. Loved how Chae Won was getting jealous of Joo won chatting with Min Seo, hehehehe hoping for moon chae won and joo sung wook to end up together .. ..such a strong character . .both of them . .. love them .. . . let dr.cha and prof kim end up together . .they are quite a match . ..strong heads both of them ,, , I never cry for this drama it is so uplifting!!! I wait for every single episode.. GREAT drama thank you! i love this drama! i don't know why i keep crying whenever i watch it? It's such a sad series! I kept on crying because it's such a pain to see autistic people go through so much. I cried at the first, second, every episode. CICI "Good Doctor" is an amazing kdrama and I think everyone should watch it. The actors and actresses are all top quality and the writer is giving such an enormous gift in this as a teaching tool for young & old to understand what autistic people go through. I have cried a lot during this drama because of the immense acting of especially Joo Won, Moon Chae Won and also Joo Sang Wook. Actually, I think every actor & actress is giving their all in this drama. If there aren't countless awards give out for this show, someone is not doing their job right. If you're not watching this, you're missing the best. Joo Won is an amazing actor. His acting is just beyond amazing. Moon Chae Won = priceless too. Love both of their acting and chemistry! It's so hard to believe that Joo Won is acting, he is such an amazing actor and person.I feel so sorry for the character, Joo Won really shows the trouble autistic people go through, such an amazing drama, I hope thy receive an award for it, and I hope the drama with cOme to a great ending and autistic people gain acceptance in society. The lead guy should win best actor at the Emmy's! I mean the guy is really convincing I actually looked for his previews shows and watch it just to be sure. This guy is like tom hanks forrest gump acting. Very legit. Hi kathy, thank u for ur insightful comment about joowon acting skill. I heard joowon prepared the role after he finished shoot 7 level civil servant, he visited autism care center for 2 months, watching documenter and read book about autism,and I'm happy when I heard his mother help him to prepare his role. I wish your son have beautiful life. Greeting from Indonesia :) This is a great drama! I'm so impressed with Joo Won's acting skills; it isn't easy to "pretend" to be autistic, hes's completely convincing. I wonder how he prepared for the role. My son is on the autism spectrum and is extremely bright - it's great to see an autistic character as the lead role. Thank you to the producers, writers, and actors for showing that with the right supports, people with autism can lead fulfilling lives and that they're special and have something to offer. This is a very touching drama. I love this drama it gives the insight on what it is like in the world of a person with savant syndrome. I just with they give the poor a break SPOILER ALERT: It was kind of sad when he got beat up then found out his crush had thing for someone else then he saw his horrible dad. The poor man gas to fight so hard just for a normal day. SO I hope they can at least have an episode where he can be happy for himself, but I am loving the fact how he is growing through each experience. He has become more open now and oh yeah I just love how he has become friends with the older surgeon I can't remember his name, but I find that so hilarious when they are together because PS is giving the guy the only thing he has ever wanted which is respect. Argh! It ate my post so here it is again! I thought I would be the only one to think the General manager lady andPark Shi On would make an interesting couple. He does seem make her smile... I don't really care for medical dramas either but I watched it for JW and I'm so glad I did! Everyone is excellent!! I am so impressed with JW's acting ability that now I'm a huge fan of anything he's in and now that I've read all the positive comments about MCW I will have to check out her dramas as well! Haha! I thought I would be the only one to think that the General manager lady and Park Shi On would make an interesting couple. He does make her smile... Excellent acting by everyone! I don't really like medical dramas but I watched for JW and I'm glad I did! Can't believe how good he is at making every character different from his previous one. i don't really like this kind of drama, but thumbs up for this drama!!! One of the best korean drama i've ever watched!!!! I seriously love Jo Won's acting. It looks natural!!!! <3 lee mity 정말아름다워...저는이드라마를매우좋아해요,특히"문주원"...그는매우잘놀아요.....나는이드라마를볼때요울어요..........조아요요요!!!!!!!! vivit I love this dramaaaa <3 unphepcha eooni i love this drama.. jo won, mon chae won and joo sang have a good acting.. and moon chae woon she's the best actress. i love her acting more and more.. from her acting in brilliant legacy, take care of young lady, princes man, innocent man and Good doctor. with diferent character, she increasingly showed her acting skills. she's the bect actress with the best acting.. Go chae won., i'll wait ur next drama. and i'm ur fans... sarangheo... Love minji91, I think the OST for this drama sang by Lee Yeong Hyeon "Miracle" another song "I Am In Love" another song by Baek Ji Yeong "Is Cry" It's really tempting to keep going... The autistic savant who becomes a surgeon... Just brilliant. Acting is pretty good so far. lilytang I'm rooting for MCW and JSW...a better match here. Of course, JW's acting is excellent! And People, didn't you guys notice that cool lady (Kim Do Han's fiancee) actually smiles when she's with Park Si On? wow fantastic baby I just love this movie. And I just love Joo Won. I can't wait to see the next episode. Moonlights Pinky I don't agree with you,I think your totally wrong. Moon Chae Won is not only good in playing cold characters or should I say cold character?Actually Moon Chae Won only played once a cold character and that was only in the innocent man. I want you also to know that Moon Chae Won does stay in her comfort zone. She is known as an actress who always try different and more challenging characters,so I will ask you,how can you say that she is staying in her comfort zone if she known to be that actress?For me Moon Chae Won is a real actress not just an actress. She knows what roles to take,she doesn't care if what genre of that drama or movie is. She always looking forward to her roles that is it must be different and more challenging than her previous roles.Moon Chae Won does not do comedy because she is staying in her comfort zone,I also want you to know that she already played that kind of characters that what you called bright and silly characters. When Moon Chae Won is being offered a role for a drama or movie she always look at first the character she will be playing,if she liked the character she will considered that role and look more deeply about the plot of the drama and if she finds it interesting she will accepts it,she does not care if it is a comedy,melodrama,historical drama or whatsoever.I hope you will realize and know that Pinky since you are a fan of Moon Chae Won.She is not a actress who wants to be remembered as a popular one but as a great actress.And there is another thing,doing comedy genre not necessarily you are doing a funny character or bright and silly,it means that the drama has some humorous content. Take a look at for example the drama Flower Boy Next Door which is romantic comedy,Park Shin Hye character in this drama was not funny at all.I think this is what you meant when you say you want Moon Chae Won to take a comedy,you want her to play a funny or a humorous character. Love OMG!!!! I just love this drama ..... it is so HILARIOUS, Very Emotion, little Angry, sometimes SADNESS make's ME CRY. and then make's you Laugh! Park Shi-On is so GREAT in this drama, also Kim Do-Han, both leads in this drama SUPER ACTING, omg also actress Cha Yoon-Seo.what more can I say! All the CHARACTERS in this DRAMA is SUPER GREAT!! GREAT ACTING, Wonderful People! Thank you Writer Park Jae-Bum, beautiful story line "GOOD JOB" wow i love moon chae won portrays her character it's very natural it suits her very well I love this drama soo much! I can't wait for their romance scene!!♥♥♥ a very good drama indeed.. i want to ask something... is there anyone knows the title of the song played in the opening of the drama? the one that played on the beginning of 1st episode?? please.. i really like that song/music.. the melody is so calming.. One of the most beautiful plots of the year. In depth, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. A show for the soul. Joo won oppa~! The best actor in the world~!!! Joo sang wook has also gotten handsome !! So in love with 'Good doctor' even through I only watched four episodes♥ Good doctor, fighting~!! Park Shi on (joo won) I fall in love with your are good acting and your lovely voice make me curious every time I watching the good doctor drama.wish you all the you very very much...!!! Fighting. Oopa sarangheo...!!! what is the phone their using Good drama, good actors, i hope this drama can gain more viewers in every episode.. looking forward to the next episode ..... can't wait...... Best Doctor DRAMA EVER!!! i really waited for this drama and i love the first and second episode it is very informative and entertaining cant wait for the next episodes Can't wait for next episode. Joo won he best. Love watch you. You are very talent hope you can be best actor forever ^o^ Wow! I am so happy with the 1st Episode. Just watched it in Manila last night. It was exactly as what everybody described it to be...even here in Manila we encounter the hospital bureaucracy. Some doctors are as sympathetic as you would ever wish for and others are as cold as ice. Joowon has proven again how talented he is and that hardwork really pays off. He researched his role and performed it believably well. I have emcountered people with autism and the mannerisms he dispayed are consistent with those I have met. He did not overacted his role! Looking forward to tonight's episode! Cant wait to watch joo woon again!!! Wow. Since i watched this drama i have been admiring Joo Wons acting skill. He is so talented. It must be hard to act like this. Chae won is pretty. I love this drama! Its really daebak! ,,,wow, what a great Kdrama ^_^ . ,i am hoping that there's more interesting stories at this drama ;-) . Want Joo Won with bear ear more!!! ^^ I hope They give Shi-on a chance to handle a patient, since epi 1, shi-on look like a lost boy. Poor him. Most people dont want to admite that disable people sometimes more capable than normal people in some areas. Moon Chae Won and Joo Won in a great drama. looking forward to this kdrama.^_^. jacquelin dagle I like the story of the movie. And i very excited to next episode. Can't wait to see moon chae won again! love ya MCW! <3<3<3 Joan I think Joo Won is doing a great with his new role. The characters are engaging and mesh well together. However, I keep wondering why there isn't a social skills mentor of some kind for Shi-On. He is in a hospital. Where is the Speech and Language Pathologist who works on social skills development with people who have autism? Cha yeon-seo (MCW) and Park Shi-on (JW) will become special pairing (couple) unlike another k-drama land which usually pairing perfect man and woman. This drama will teach how to respect and care disability makes another great difference with another medical drama which usually deal power struggle in hospital. So far, joowon has show brilliant performance as autistic savant. Also moon chaewon shows different image than her previous role, I like her drunken scene. GOOD DOCTOR FIGHTING!!! joo woon is completely perfect.... i love this drama I really hope they fell in love this drams is so beautiful. Domino This drama is amazing and inspiring. Moon Chae Won is her usual wonderful, beautiful self and Joo Won is AMAZING. Whether you are a girl or a guy, you WILL be crying in this's just that good! oh yes!after watching the preview of ep05 i just hope monday will come faster.. O.M.G. Preview for episode 5 is bloody killing me! WHY? WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK FOR EPISODE 5 TO BE RELEASE?! Great, good movie, magnificat actors.Wow, JooWon absolutly perfect!!!100% all! This kdrama gives us the opportunity to understand and "live" temporarily inside the heart and mind of a person with Savant Syndrome. Very heartwarming and with a strong advocacy plot. Excellent eye opener for all and at the same time hopefully this will open more opportunity to those with disabilities. Acting wise, this is my first Joo Won kdrama, and his acting is convincingly brilliant. He could vie for the Top Excellence Actor for this drama and win hands down. Overall, at this point in time, 5 stars is heartily given. And by the way..I'm a MOON or WONWON couple shipper! Fighting!!! ♡♥♡♥♡ Must watch it! :) A rare storyline... Many actors and actresses that I know from others drama! A great act from JooWon... That smile of Moon ChaeWon. And same hairstyle of Joo SangWook since Team TEN. Not leave Kwak DoWon with the glasses! Just predict this will be the one of GREAT drama with serious storyline! Can't wait watch until end! This is next on my list! :) Can't wait to see Moon Chae-Won again!! So can't wait to see this drama! So far, it's good. With two episodes out only, I can't say whether this drama is that great. I am patiently waiting for the next episodes to see how the story unfolds. Hopefully it stays good like it is now, especially when we have Joo Won and Joo Sang Wook as two leading characters. ;) wow Like it , Joo Won and Moon Chae-Won are the best. fighting :) I absolutely love this drama, and it only has two episodes out. I've watched the first two episodes twice. The first time by myself, and the second time I got my mom to watch her first Korean drama, and she loved it. Joo Won's acting is incredible! I'm looking forward to watching the rest of this drama! Everybody is matching Joo Won with Moon Chae Won. I would prefer her to pair with Joo Sang-Wook. Of course with Moon Chae-Won as one of the Korea best actress and a interesting plot, this drama will be no.1 hit with a lot of awards definitely one of the best drama i ever watch. and but of course let's not forget moon chae won definitely one of the greatest actress i have seen so far. the way she portray her character in the drama is the best!. i have managed to watch some of her drama series/ movies even if she's a cameo or a support she can definitely gave all of her wits for the character to be born... i really love the way she act. i love her so much........ keep up the good work good doctor,,, First 2 eps was sooo good!! Si On is soooo cute and handsome at the same time!! Cha Eun Soo and Si On= great and cute couple ^^ Yehey! Good ratings!!!! Wow! Park ki woong congratulated joo won for the 1st episode...I cant wait to watch it here in Manila in KBSWorld! Go go go Good Doctor! Where are the ratings portion? Already watched the first 2 episodes of this week. I'm already in love with this Drama. The cast is amazing and their acting skills are superb. I knew its gonna be good the best two actor and actress are in it love u joo won this drama seems to have a lot of potential! looking forward to the next eps. :D btw olivia, it's 2 episodes a week so you don't have to wait yet! I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO FAR!!!!!! just watched this first episode today... i'll have to wait for next week :'( Been waiting for this drama since the trailer looks very promising..hopefully it will turn out great.. I`m already in love with this drama,oh gosh!!! Joo Won has done it again,he is fantastic in those teasers and previews.I hope Good Doctors receive lots of love and high viewer ratings,GD fightingggggggggggggggggggggg I can't wait.....& I love Joo Won...^^ at first i wasn't that excited (of course i was still going to tune in to watch the lovely moon chae won) but after watching the trailers & teasers i am anxiously counting down the days until aug 5th!! xD welcomeback!moon chae won!!wow!xcited to watch this drama... If he was just autistic, it would still be fine. Since people like Daniel Tammet do exist. Really don't know why they had to put that his mental age was that of a ten year old, gonna make romance a bit weird in this drama. Still looking forward to it though. i love joowon and moom chae won love team., yepey! i saw the treaser, However, joo won didn;t look autism one. he just look so cool and cool in everything he played. hahaha...#Fighting for all crew :) balkees joo won fighting ..... balkees waiting for this drama it would be great I am looking forward to this however I wonder if there will be a romance between the 2 main characters. it would be a bit strange seeing joo wons charaters mental age will be that of a 10 year old Joowon and Chaewon daebak!!!! Can't wait to watch them together . Trailor was superb. I hope Good doctor to be the best drama of 2013 OMG! I'm totally gonna watch this just to see Moon Chae Won's great acting and beautiful face^^~~ Counting the days till its aired here in Manila. Hope the story is as good as its cast! Hope Joo won's work gets recognized this time! I'm so happy to see Joo Won and Chae Won together! Autism is very broad...some are functional and some are not. I have a cousin who is 32 and now have a wife and a kid. He graduated with honors and works in a computer company. He also acts like joo won in the trailer. My cousin expresses himself differently but in unique lovable ways. I can't wait to watch how Joo won will interpret his character but I know he'll do well because he is fantastic in his previous works. Can't wait to watch this! I've been excited about this drama since they first announced it, and I just LOVE watching the trailer!! Joo Won oppa, you'll be AMAZING on this show, and I've kept August 5th in my date book!! :) Daebak ! This trailer is awesome !! Can't wait for you moon chae won unni :) i love youu (l) hey good doctor fighting :D This drama looks so good^^ I'm so happy Moon Chae Won and Joo Won is in it, love them both <3 OMG!! Lee Kang To is back but now with a different role!!.he's such a versatile actor ,he's so good in his craft..can't wait!! i'm not a MCW fan but i'll watch it because Joo Won is here.. little girl JOO WON !!!!!!!!!!! İ can die for you. İ love youu really i cant wait i miss you Trailer is really good !! Wow!!! Great Teaser!!!! Oh my God, "What If The Storm Ends" by Snow Patrol is playing in the background at the beginning. ^_^ Haha, I am so happy they used that song; it's one of my favorites. I have never seen a drama with Joo Won to be honest, but I'm looking forward to it. I've seen Innocent Man and My Lady with Moon Chae-Won and I love her. :D I'm excited to see this. omg omg look at the cast joo won and chaewoon cant wait yaaaaaaaaay another epic drama of #JooWon!!! cant wait!!! Wa, JoWoon & Joo Sangwook, nice. Cant wait to watch the drama. :)) could not wait to watch this drama Another show with some of my fav's cast together :D Loved Nice Guy and Ojakgyo Family. Can't wait for it to start. I love love love Moon Chae-Won :) Joo Won omg can't wait too see her !!! OMG, i have waited Joo sang wook in a new drama, Joo sang wook best actor ever and cute as well. OMG YES. been waiting for moon chae won to star in a new drama. and to be paired with joo won... asdfsdfhalskjdhf can't wait for this. daebak! joo won dan moon chae won dalam satu film pasti filmnya jadi keren banget !!! how can THE MOST HANDSOME,COOLEST,CUTEST JOO WON be a an autimistic little doctor???!!! OMOMOMOMO!!! i can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!! count me in people! I'll definitely watch this.. I cant wait too! So excited! Joo won so busy. Hope doesnt overdo things and get sick and be advised to rest because that would mean a missing Joo won...Only You movie, 1N2D variety show, Ghost musical and now this drama!!!!! Joowon overload!!!! But i dont really mind!!!! :) The autistic are like robots.They dont know how to love and understanding. I meant this plot said 'disorder' not 'asperger', right? I am really looking forward to watch this drama ,since I am a mother of 2yearold autistic disorder son who holding at least a hope for my boy future, and I am a fan of main leads like Double Moon too. yaay... moon chae woon oenni finally make her comeback.... OMG!! asdafst my dream came true! *---* Moon Chae Won & Joo Won <33 my two favorite actors I am soooo ready for this drama. I would like to see their performances, rather than talks on awards. If the critics think it is worth it, good enough. Otherwise, I can't wait to see the dynamics of this cast together!!!! Moon Joo Won and Moon Chae Won... Awww... Are they siblings? And I love Joo Sang Wook, too!!! The cast can not be any more perfect!!!!!!!!! This drama will be the best and the greatest and the most amazing drama I ever watched. Because Joo Won oppa plays as the lead role, which he is my favorite actor. And personally I like about psychology disorder things like "Autism". Besides Chae Won eonni is also my favorite actress. And she is considering to take the female lead role. I wish, wish and WISH that Chae Won eonni will take this drama. Because this drama might make my dream comes true and both of them, Chae Won eonni and Joo Won oppa are my dream couple. I believe, they will make a great chemistry and won't make us disappointed ^.^ Moon Chae WON-Moon Joo Won-->Dream Couple->Really?!?!? hahahehehihi I am so excited. Two of my favorite actors in one drama. <3 sukma i can't wait I can't wait! joo won and joo sang wook >< I hope the main actress could be someone who beautiful and not annoying because those men sooo good looking Joo Won Oppa I Love You, hwaiting!!!!!!!! Hoping Joo Won accepts this role! This is something totally new and challenging since he's been in police related roles for nearly 3 consecutive years. ^ v ^ would love to see him taking on the challenge on acting as someone with autism cuz i'm pretty sure he'll do a good job :) Two handsome men,I'll wait it.... Ra Mi-Ran & Lee Sung-Kyung cast in movie "Girl Cops" Park Shin-Hye cast in tvN drama "Memories of the Alhambra" Kento Nakajima & Ayami Nakajo cast in movie "Nisekoi" Yo Oizumi, Haruma Miura cast in movie "Konna Yofuke ni Banana kayo" Taishi Nakagawa cast in movie "Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!" Hiroki Hasegawa cast in NHK drama "Kirin ga Kuru" Nana Seino & Kanna Hashimoto cast in NTV drama "Kyo kara Ore wa" Lee Jin-Wook & Lee Ha-Na cast in OCN drama "Voice 2" Yurina Hirate cast in movie "Hibiki" Masaki Suda & Kanna Hashimoto cast in movie film "Gintama 2" Shun Oguri cast in NHK drama "Segodon" Yoon Doo-Joon & Baek Jin-Hee cast in tvN drama "Let's Eat 3" Kim So-Yeon cast in SBS drama "Secret Mother" Fumi Nikaido & Gackt cast in movie "Tonde Saitama" Dai Watanabe cast in movie "Usuke Boys" Park Min-Young cast in tvN drama "Why Secretary Kim" Switch: Change the World *ep19-20 Sensei Kunshu *teaser My Mister *ep12 Lawless Lawyer *teaser8 Come Here and Give Me A Hug *teaser Gintama 2 *teaser Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai *teaser Ms. Hammurabi *teaser A Poem A Day *ep11 Sunny Again Tomorrow *teaser The Miracle We Met *ep8 Great Seducer *ep27-28 3D Kanojo: Real Girl *teaser2 Wok of Love *teaser3 That Man Oh Soo *ep16 Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset *ep21-22 Burning Life on Mars *teaser Secret Mother *teaser Should We Kiss First *ep37-38 Official Website" Categories: South Korean Drama Series2013 South Korean Drama SeriesDrama Series2013 Drama SeriesMedical Drama Series2013 Medical Drama SeriesK Medical Drama SeriesKBS Drama Series2013 KBS Drama Series Page Discussion View View source History Log in What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy | Contact
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